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May 18, 2019
I have lived in the area for 3 1/2 years and have enjoyed the Royal Tandoori every time I visit it.
There is one review that I read that describes my experience the best ... it just gets better and better!!!
I ate there a few days ago after not going there for quite awhile(months), and I couldn't believe it ... the food was better than I remembered and my memory was, it was the best!
I primarily get one dish there so I am confident in what I'm saying ... there is a definite baseline ... the vegetarian curry dish Jalfrezi ... it just gets better and better!
And although I've ordered few other dishes I can say It's all been delicious ... I just found my personal favorite so stick with it ... it's a taste buds thing ... not a bad vs good dish thing.
I encourage everyone to let go of past experiences and start fresh.
The decor is the decor ... order pick up maybe ... and people are people ... the owner/staff have bad days just like the rest of us.
I have experienced a time when I was wondering what was up with the owner ... he seemed "off" ... but hey I've been in down moods and people have had less than ideal experience of me including the staff at Tandoori ... so I try to remember that ... and wish I was better at letting go of bad interactions than I am ... and hey, I'll just keep on with my intention of being responsible for my experiences.
Anyway, I encourage everyone to give this restaurant a second chance if you have had a bad experience ... go in fresh and I guarantee the experience will be amazing!!!
Thank you Tandoori ... great Job!!!

May 12, 2019
Food for the most part was good, only thing I found that was a little off was that the dishes had a bit too much salt.

April 27, 2019
Had lunch here today. Tikka masala rice and roti bread. Absolutely delicious. We will be back.

April 12, 2019
Great food. Love it thanks.

January 06, 2019
This place is very good. The food is always tasty, the service prompt and courteous and the prices reasonable.

January 06, 2019
Wonderful dinner!! Fantastic food, prompt and friendly service. I particularly love the Spinach and Cheese - better than anywhere else I've ever been!! Thanks.

January 05, 2019
One of my favourite restaurants in New West. Always great food and friendly service!

December 14, 2018
Very disappointed- just ordered delivery, asked for the aloo gobi and butter chicken to be very mild and it was much too spicy for me to eat. Also- my house is about a 3 minute drive from the restaurant and the food came very quickly (almost alarmingly quickly- it's like they cooked my food in under 10 minutes?) but it was somehow cold. All of the dishes were cold- even the naan. Which makes me think they just gave me food that had already been made/was sitting out and not made to order/accommodating my request for very mild. I just spent $42 on food I can't even finish one plate of... super frustrating.

December 14, 2018
Great food. Thanks.

November 04, 2018
This evening we tried the Royal Tandoori
And was without one of the best places I have enjoyed the authentic Indian style flavors. The food was outstanding as was the service.
We will be back...Teri and Steve