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2. Veggie Samosas (2 Pieces)

3(a). Vegetarian Pakauras

Mixed vegetable fritters spiced & fried

3(d). Paneer Pakauras

Indian cheese coated with spicy chick peas

4(a). Onion Bhaji

Onion rings coated with chick peas flour & fried

3(b). Fish Pakauras

Spicy fish coated with chick peas flour & fried
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3(c). Chicken Pakauras

Specially prepared boneless tender pieces of chicken coated with spicy...

4(b). Chat Papri

Cripsy bread, chick peas, yogurt, potatoes & spices
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1. Mulligatawny Soup

Made with lentils, mustard seeds, spices, milk, lemon,etc.
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4(c). Dhai Bhalla

Ground lentil balls in yogurt
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3(e). Prawn Pakauras

Prawns coated with chick peas flour & fried